If you love sports as much as we do, the first thing you should do is equip yourself well. HOKO sportswear is just what you need for your workouts and for your day-to-day life. These are garments made so that you only have to worry about your physical performance and nothing else.

How to choose the best sportswear?

To choose the best sportswear , there are certain aspects that you should keep in mind:

The materials in which the garments are made will determine their characteristics, so you must choose those that offer you the most advantages. In this sense, our garments are made with polypropylene which, in addition to being ecological, has many other benefits.

Comfort is key to be able to perform well during exercise and size also influences this. You have to choose the one that fits us perfectly, neither bigger nor smaller.

Nor can we ignore the aesthetic part . Feeling comfortable with ourselves and looking good also motivates us to give it our all.

types of sportswear

Join the sportswear revolution with HOKO.

compression leggings

One of the essential elements in sportswear are, without a doubt, the compression tights . Although they are very popular among women, many men are still reluctant to wear them, which is a mistake. These are the reasons why you should start using them:

Versatility . They are used to practice a multitude of sports of any intensity and both outdoors and indoors. Going to the gym, yoga, pilates, kick boxing , cycling... the list is endless.

They respect the skin . With them, you will say goodbye to undesirable friction and injuries. In addition, they are also very breathable and prevent bad odors.

Good for the muscles. Compression leggings have multiple benefits that you can take advantage of. Did you know that its use contributes to muscle recovery? And it is that, they are in charge of collecting the musculature and protecting it.

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Characteristics of the ideal clothing for sports

To make an intelligent decision, remember that the sports outfit you choose must meet these characteristics.

comfort . Clothes can never be an obstacle, especially when it comes to physical exercise. It must be comfortable and avoid all kinds of inconveniences, such as chafing or stiff movements.

breathable . When we undergo intense activity it is normal to sweat, so sportswear must be prepared for it.

Insulating . This is a very beneficial feature to prevent wind chill from influencing us in a wide range of temperatures.

lightness The only weight you should worry about is your dumbbells.

With HOKO and our sportswear there will be nothing that can resist you. Challenge yourself and take the leap in quality you deserve.