Wearing the right yoga clothing is key. This is the only way to ensure that the practice of this activity can be carried out with total comfort. Making a mistake in your choice will have undesirable consequences, such as a lack of concentration on the activity or difficulty in movement.

Therefore, it is important to take into account a series of recommendations . This post brings together some of the most prominent.

What are the characteristics and benefits of yoga clothing

When choosing the necessary sports equipment for any modality, a series of characteristics must be taken into account. Also in the case of yoga. Any pants or shirt will not work for this purpose. The ideal is to meet the requirements that the experts raise in each case.

1. Basic pants made of lycra or cotton

Leggings are the star garment to practice yoga . Made of lycra, there are different models of these leggings that fit the body. In general, they fit at the waist and extend to the ankles, although there are also proposals of a slightly shorter length. Added to the variety of colors is the incorporation of other materials, such as strategically placed transparent panels.

Another equally valid yoga clothing alternative is cotton pants that are looser. Among them, those of the jogging type stand out . They have an elastic waistband and ankle-length cuffs. Thus, they guarantee their support before the most diverse movements. And the best, they are perfect for both men and women.

The boot-cut or boot cut are also recommended. They are easily recognizable by their cut, closer at the top of the leg and wider from the knee.

Regardless of the design you choose, it is advisable that:

  • They do not tighten the body, but they do fit like a second skin .
  • They are high-waisted , to ensure that they do not fall when making different movements.
  • They lack seams in order to make them more comfortable.

2. Sleeveless or long-sleeved shirt for an ideal sports outfit

The fundamental thing in this case is to find a garment that does not make it difficult to move your arms at any time . From there, the possibilities multiply:

  1. Sleeveless shirts . They are perfect because their design does not stop any movement.
  2. Sports top . It enjoys the same advantages as a tank top and, in addition, it adapts to the body.
  3. T-shirts with short sleeves . It is preferable that they are longer than usual.
  4. T-shirts with long sleeves . These yoga clothes are perfect for the colder months of the year.

Regardless of its design, it is worth paying attention to its composition. Garments created in elastic cotton are the favorites of athletes. The reasons are clear. On the one hand, they are breathable, and on the other, they absorb moisture from the body.

3. A sports top as underwear

Comfort is also the biggest premise when it comes to choosing a bra to go to yoga classes. For this reason, it is preferable not to use those that are used daily . They should not, for example, have metal rings that can cause discomfort or many brackets. Nor should they incorporate padding elements into their design or do without straps.

A sports type top will become the perfect ally . It won't budge or risk coming undone. There are proposals for this yoga clothing designed specifically for the aforementioned activity. It is only necessary to opt for the one whose aesthetics suit the most personal tastes. There are different prints, with interior mesh reinforcement, minimalist, with a racer back, etc.

In this way, once the desired one is available on each occasion, it will even be possible to do without the T-shirt.

4. Boxers and culottes, in search of comfort

In addition to the bra, it is also important to pay attention to the choice of the rest of the underwear. The freedom of movement invites to use designs that are not too big or too tight. You have to find the balance to exercise comfortably .

In the case of women, culottes or thongs are recommended . For men, on the other hand, the ideal seems to be to wear a boxer or a slip- type brief . The choice between these underwear models is a matter of taste.

5. Light footwear or non-slip socks

The footwear completes the kit of suitable sportswear . Despite the fact that a good part of those who practice yoga do without shoes, the truth is that they can take ones that are light enough. This is not the only characteristic that they must comply with. It is also necessary that they be flexible and, of course, comfortable.

Shoes can easily be replaced by socks. But not any pair can be used for this purpose. They must be non-slip creations , such as those provided with silicone elements that strategically cover the sole of the foot.

More and more brands are launching items of this type onto the market, offering the most diverse designs. While some have five fingers, as is the case with gloves for the hands, others leave them bare. Proposals can be found with crossed rubber bands for greater support on the instep or with ties that are tied at the ankle, simulating ballerinas .

As for the materials used in its preparation, the variety is also noteworthy. Those of technical fabric seem to gain in number. To these are added those made of organic cotton, those that incorporate shiny lurex thread, those that combine polyester and elastane, etc.

In conclusion, having the right clothes to practice physical activity is an aspect that goes beyond fashion trends. It is a basic element to be able to carry out the activity in question with complete freedom and comfort.

For this reason, it is essential to get the appropriate yoga clothes . Only then will it be possible to focus 100% attention on this practice and fully enjoy its benefits.

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