Thermal clothing is the perfect solution to face the drop in temperatures. With it it is no longer necessary to add layers and more layers of clothing to go out. Nor is it necessary to wrap yourself in heavy coats that make mobility difficult. The time has come to discover the ideal alternative to the old tricks put into practice every winter.

Thermal clothing: operation and characteristics

Thermal clothing encompasses a series of garments provided with the most diverse technologies to insulate against cold, humidity and wind. As a result, it helps maintain body temperature . For this reason, regardless of the atmospheric conditions, unique comfort is achieved.

To better understand its operation, it is advisable to pay attention to its different characteristics . They are the six that are listed below.

1. Lightness

When anyone tries on one of these creations, the first thing that catches their attention is how light they are . They adapt to the body like a second skin and you don't notice that they are being worn.

But what is the reason why garments of this type barely weigh? The answer lies in the material in which they have been made. Generally, polyester or polyamide is used in the composition of the fabric.

What advantages do they confer? The most notable is the possibility they offer of using these designs under other clothes without them being noticeable. Only those who wear them are aware that they cover their entire or partial body. This is what happens, for example, with t-shirts. They are hidden under a jacket or sweater that acts as a second layer.

2. Breathability

This is another of its most important features. Thermal clothing is breathable, that is, it is capable of absorbing body sweat and removing it to the outside. It will perform this function even when carrying out activities that require great effort and sweat a lot more.

The benefit is clear. The garment will be dry at all times , something that does not happen with other textile proposals, such as those made of cotton. The latter get wet and, since they do not breathe, they do not evacuate sweat. They consequently cause the sensation of humidity to increase. And with it, the cold that is felt also increases. It represents a considerable loss of comfort.

3. Elasticity

All thermal type garments are elastic. It is an essential condition when it comes to fulfilling the function for which they have been designed. And it is precisely this same elasticity that will allow them to adjust 100% to any body , whatever its shape and size.

Why should these clothes fit the wearer perfectly? Because this is the only way to maintain body heat . If, on the other hand, there is a space between the fabric and the body surface, because the garment is loose, the cold from the outside could sneak in.

Likewise, sweat would not be evacuated as desired. In short, it would not fulfill its purpose and, therefore, there would be no use in using it. Hence, it is crucial to choose the size that is really needed.

4. Thermoregulation

This term is how the process that allows maintaining a stable body temperature is known. The person who wears a piece of thermal clothing will retain that much-needed heat in the face of the low temperatures in the environment.

In order for this thermal protection to be met at different temperatures, it is not strange that different solutions are used. Among them, the inclusion of ribbed style patterns in the fabric used in its manufacture.

5. Comfort

Not only should you feel that these designs completely adapt to the body as if they were a second skin. They must also feel like they really are in practice. This means that the comfort must be total so that the person wearing them forgets that they are wearing them.

This is why elements that cause discomfort of any kind, such as chafing or friction that lead to wounds, should be avoided. Just look at one of these garments to see that, in most cases, they have no seams . And when these are unavoidable in some models, we opt, for example, for flat ones.

6. Antibacterial function

More and more creations considered thermal include this innovative function , the result of carrying out a very useful treatment. With its application, the bacteria that cause bad odor are prevented from being generated.

Therefore, those who wear them will not have to worry about how much they are going to sweat with the activities they carry out. Even high-performance ones will not generate unpleasant odors, which is a key advantage.

A complete and varied offer of sports equipment

The thermal garment collections include a multitude of proposals that are renewed, season after season, depending on fashion trends. Short or long-sleeved T-shirts are the public's favorites, followed by pants, such as those that extend to the ankles. There is no shortage of others of different lengths, among which ski shorts and shorts stand out .

This type of sports equipment also includes sweatshirts with or without hoods, jackets that close with a zipper, neck warmers, fleece linings, etc. The list doesn't stop growing.

In conclusion, acquiring designs that allow you to cope with the drop in thermometers and enjoy total comfort is possible. And all this without giving up issues such as breathability, lightness, elasticity and the rest of the notable characteristics . These are advantages that the consumer can benefit from as a consequence of the advances that have allowed the creation of special fabrics and their utilities.

In this way, thermal clothing has become essential for more and more people. A space has been made in the locker room for athletes and the general public.

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