If enough attention is paid to people who practice sports, it is easy to see that many athletes who run wear compression clothing. This article will explain how these garments work, what they are for and when they should be used. Although they seem like a fashion, they actually have many benefits when doing sports.

What is compression clothing

When starting to exercise, it is best to find out about the sports equipment to be able to carry out the activities in the most comfortable way possible. For example, stockings were hardly used in sports for a long time and their use was limited to patients with coronary diseases. However, since it has been discovered that they help maintain body heat and increase the efficiency of athletes, they are increasingly used when exercising.

The operation of this special clothing is very simple. As they are garments that are tight to the body and put pressure on the muscles, they favor blood circulation and recovery after exercise. In addition, they correct the posture when running and help the sport to be done in a more correct way.

What are they used for?

Its design is designed so that they exert more pressure on the areas furthest from the heart and less pressure on the closest ones. Thus, the return of blood is favored and total freedom of movement is achieved . In this way, the blood receives more oxygen to feed the muscles, so you can exercise for longer and increase efficiency.

As for recovery, this clothing facilitates the correct elimination of lactate. This acid, produced by the muscles, is one of the main causes of soreness after intense exercise sessions.

The fabric of this clothing is delicate, so to extend its use it is necessary to pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions. Some garments may require specific care. Even so, in most cases, hand washing is best recommended. If it is by machine, it must be with programs for delicate pieces.

It is important not to use fabric softener and avoid direct heat such as that produced by the dryer or iron. With the use of these devices, the fibers can be heated too much and they would lose their elastic and compressive properties.

Apply compression for a better rest

There are also garments for recovery. This is the case of recovery stockings, which are made to be used after exercising. They are made of a special material to promote blood flow, thus increasing oxygen levels. To achieve a faster recovery, they can be used while sleeping or during the day when you are not doing sports.

Before using this type of clothing, something very important is learning to choose the right size . It has to be tight, but without reducing blood circulation, so you have to be careful and not choose smaller sizes than those usually used.

The size that should be chosen is the same one that is always used. There is no reason to select a size less , since the manufacturer already takes into account that they are fitted products and with the usual size they will be tighter, but you will enjoy their benefits and freedom of movement will be maintained. The important thing is that the user feels comfortable when trying on the garment, and that they can do all the movements of the exercise without feeling excessive pressure.

4 benefits of compression garments

The use of compression clothing has multiple advantages. Four of the most relevant are mentioned below.

1. They keep the temperature

The first of the benefits is that they help maintain body temperature and regulate it, transforming sweat into vapor due to its breathable function, and eliminating the sensation of humidity.

2. They reduce the impacts

As it is clothing that is tight to the body, the muscles are more subject and the impact that exercise can cause is reduced. It is precisely this that makes the muscles have a faster recovery at the end of running.

3. They reduce friction and injuries

These kinds of items can prevent chafing with footwear due to the type of fabric they use. In addition, they help reduce injuries, since they alleviate the impact and, as a consequence, fatigue is reduced and the runner's resistance is improved. They also correct posture and promote stability during exercise.

4. They adapt to any part of the body

On the market you can find a wide variety of compression options for sports. Stockings exert pressure from the ankle to the calf, thereby increasing blood flow and reducing muscle vibration, reducing the risk of injury.

Leggings, in addition to providing heat, apply pressure to the areas of the legs that need it most, especially the quadriceps, buttocks and muscles around the knees. In this case, they also reduce vibration from impact, as they provide additional support to weaker areas.

There are also clothes that cling to the chest. Compression shirts improve posture and open up the chest so more oxygen can get to the cells. They support different muscles, such as those of the abdomen, the obliques and the lower back, which provides extra stability , especially in long runs. These garments help reduce cramps.

Finally, calf sleeves are the best substitute for socks in the summer season. They perform the same function, but the tissue is cooler.

This is the basic information about compression clothing and the four main benefits it brings. In addition to commenting on their care and how to choose the size. The decision to include these garments in the sports wardrobe with the intention of improving training results is something personal, but its benefits are undeniable.

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