Enjoy your way


I introduce myself, I am your new HOKO garment, nice to meet you!
I am faithful and adventurous soul. I was born to be your perfect partner in all your sporting challenges.
I like the beach, although where I really give my best is in the mountains.
I can't wait to go trail running, cycling or going to the gym with you! Although I'm so comfortable that you're going to want to take me even to buy bread, you'll see.

I am very easy to maintain, I will not give you much work. Wash me cold, with little soap and dry me in the open air. Do not iron me, I would lose my qualities and my shape.
So don't worry about leaving me out in the sun as I won't get too tanned, my color will stay just as bright :)

This is just the beginning of a long friendship! When do we start the first challenge?

I'm ready for you!


maximum breathability

excellent thermal insulation

Anti-odor bacteriostatic fabric

soft and hypoallergenic


full elasticity

amazing durability

Adaptability and absolute comfort


We were born breaking the rules, breaking the mold, creating our own path, because we think that to offer you unique garments you have to do things differently, in our own way.

Power polypropylene
We could work with conventional raw materials - cheaper and easier - but we choose polypropylene because it is the best fiber.
Innovation made garment
We could buy the fabrics ready-made but we prefer to design the fabric from the thread, because that is where the real innovation lies.
We manufacture km0
We could manufacture in locations that would save us costs, but we prefer to do the weaving in our own factory and the clothing in the Encarna workshop, initially.
timeless garments
We could follow the trend but we prefer to make timeless garments that last so long that you can forget about buying new for years.
we are perfectionists
We could not be so perfectionist with the technical details - we would save a lot of money -, but then you would not notice that indescribable feeling when putting on each garment.
We're free
We could open the door to investors - we would grow faster - but then we would not be free to choose in all of the above.

garment care

During all these years we have been faithful to our values ​​and we have never taken the easy path.
Every day you show us that it is worth it and that gives us the strength to keep going.

Thanks for joining us on this path