How to take care of your Hoko garments so that they last much longer

Despite the fact that our garments are of high quality and very durable, the care and treatment that you give them is important in order to have them as the first day.

It is important that you take into account that our fabrics are made with polypropylene yarn and colored microfiber. This prevents it from fading or creating balls due to the wear of the fabric, but you must be careful with high temperatures, either from the water in the wash, in the dryer or with the iron, since they can damage the garment by shrinking or undoing it. even tissues.

For optimal washing, we recommend you wash any hoko garment in the washing machine at a maximum temperature of 30º, it does not need fabric softener and hang it up, you will see that it dries much sooner than you imagine.

Do not use dryer.
As it is a polypropylene fabric, excess heat can shrink the garment.

Do not iron
The microfiber of the fabric melts with direct contact at low temperatures.
Machine wash.
maximum 40º
DO NOT use bleach.
It can be washed by hand.

Recommendation for a good placement of Hoko tights

To quickly know which is the front of the mesh or front part, you just have to look at where the logo is, it must always be on the front part of the left leg.

It is important to sheath and fit the garment well, especially in the groin area to prevent bags from forming and causing chafing with the skin, especially in the SENSEI model.

Its placement must be done from below and gradually raising both legs thus distributing the fabric so that it is well placed in its entirety. If you raise the leggings as if they were pants, you will leave half the legging in the middle of the legs and it will seem to you that it does not correspond to your size.

Remember that we work the fabric especially to offer compression in each of the products, this does not mean that the compression should tighten or bother you, but that you should notice the tight mesh and the collected muscles, this will help you to have a good recovery and avoid possible muscle injuries.

Placement of Hoko t-shirts, recommendation and good use

When we say that our garments have memory, we mean that after each wash, the fabric returns to its original position as long as it has been used and cared for properly.

That is why we recommend that you open the weft of the stitch with both arms each time you put it on to relax the fabric as shown in figure 1.
Once the sleeves are on, avoid too much pulling on the armpits and cuffs if you want it to fit snugly and the garment does its job of maintaining body heat.

Once placed, check that it is completely smooth for greater comfort.