yoga and pilates clothing

Concentration, breathing and... yoga and pilates clothing ! As you know, the garments are an essential part in the practice of this sport discipline. They must meet certain characteristics to allow you to give your best in each class and at HOKO we are aware of this. Regardless of the level you have, you will enjoy this selection that we have designed for yogis like you.
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What is the best clothing to do yoga?

In this sport, movements are the key. Therefore, we can affirm that the best yoga clothing is one that is comfortable and it allows you total freedom, but it is not the only thing you should pay attention to.Yoga is a discipline in which clothing is constantly subjected to friction with the ground.It is important that the materials are resistant and of high quality to avoid premature wear.

Why choose specific yoga clothes?

If you are here it is because you want to take this seriously and, to do so, you need specific yoga clothes. With the appropriate equipment, you will be able to surpass yourself and avoid friction, discomfort or discomfort in your yoga sessions.You should know that, without the appropriate equipment, you will not be able to fully concentrate during your classes.At HOKO we are by your side to This is what we offer to help you achieve your goals.Yoga tightsTights are the ideal yoga clothing to be able to correctly execute each of the postures. In our catalog we have long and pirate leggings depending on your needs. Of course, all models have excellent quality and elasticity, which will facilitate your performance as a yogi.Yoga topsYoga tops offer you the best support for your chest. With them, you will no longer have to worry about what happens in this part of your body while you are doing the asanas.In addition, you can also complete your yogi look with short-sleeved and tank tops. The comfort and sports efficiency does not have to be at odds with the aesthetic part.Yoga JumpsuitsYoga jumpsuits are a great alternative. They adapt to the body like a second skin and guarantee total comfort and extreme range of motion.Second layerAt HOKO we also think about before and after training. Having thin second layers like the ones we present to you is the best way to complete your outfit.

Each type of yoga has its yoga clothing

Did you know that there is a type of yoga clothes for each branch? These are some of the data to take into account depending on the discipline you have chosen.Kundalini yoga: Kundalini seeks to connect body and soul, so it is recommended to wear white clothing to illuminate the aura.Bikram yoga: this is a specialty where yoga is practiced at 40 ºC, therefore, tight and breathable clothing is essential.HOKO yoga clothing combines comfort, elasticity, resistance and breathability like no other. All thanks to polypropylene. Join this revolution and feel unstoppable.