Trail running is a very demanding discipline where only you, the mountain and your desire to excel exist. Of course, the equation cannot be complete without the appropriate equipment to practice this activity. In this section, you will be able to find all the necessary garments so that you can provide yourself with the highest quality.

trail clothing

How should trail running clothing be?

When we exercise, we must not only take into account the type of activity, but also where it takes place. In the case of trail running , this is conditioned by the weather and the characteristics of the mountain trails.

  • The kit must offer flexibility and freedom of movement . This discipline is characterized by the dynamics of ascents and descents that put all your limbs and muscles to the test. Technical tights and shirts are essential to run through nature with total breadth and safety.
  • Comfort is another key aspect. Clothes should not be an obstacle, quite the contrary; therefore, offer us enough comfort to forget about it while we train. Chafing and other discomforts are frequent problems when we do not have quality and appropriate clothing for our sporting activity.
  • It must be adapted to the weather conditions . The cold is a factor to take into account in natural environments, hence the importance of having second layers and thermal clothing that maintain body heat while being breathable.