Are you looking for trekking clothing ? To practice this sport discipline, it is essential that you equip yourself correctly. In this section, we provide you with essential items to make your journey much safer, more bearable and more satisfying.

Trekking and hiking clothing

Hiking or trekking clothes?

Although we can talk about trekking as a more extreme form of hiking, the truth is that both activities require fairly similar equipment .

In outdoor sports and, especially in the mountains, you must keep environmental factors in mind when selecting your garments. The temperature, the sun or the rain are some examples of this. The layers with which we dress must offer comfort and serve as protection so that nothing disturbs our favorite activity.

What is the best clothing to go to the mountains?

In hiking, it is very common to suffer temperature changes during the practice of the sport. Hot on the climbs and cold at the top, does it sound familiar to you? That is why you should choose trekking clothing for each of these situations . Likewise, it will be very useful to have a backpack in which to store the layers that you do not need, always with the possibility of being able to recover them later. Of course, said backpack must be well adjusted so that it does not produce a peeling effect on your shirts.

In this context, the fact that the garments are light will make your journey much easier: nobody wants to carry extra weight in this type of situation. Our trekking clothing items , made with polypropylene, guarantee that lightness you need while insulating and protecting from temperatures.

What clothes to choose to go for a walk in the countryside?

Do not miss our essentials in mountain clothing .


HOKO tights withstand a wide range of temperatures, offer breathability and keep the skin dry at all times. In addition, they are available in different lengths: short, pirate and long. You can choose the ones that suit you best according to your preferences and time of year.

top parts

As for trekking clothing tops, do not miss our thermal t-shirts for winter and ultralight t-shirts for summer, comfort and comfort for you throughout the year. In addition, you have at your disposal second thin layers. This is the case of Nara , Chiyo , Bunkai and Nigata , our jackets and long-sleeved shirts.


Apart from hiking clothing , in this section you can discover all kinds of accessories. The specific socks for trekking stand out , the Nichi . They have reinforcement on the sole of the foot to protect the toecap and heel and cushion footsteps and a medium shaft length designed for you to wear mountain boots.

Also, do not forget to complete your kit with arm warmers, hair bands, neck warmers and other accessories as useful for hiking as these.

With HOKO trekking clothing , we are convinced that you will be able to conquer any path, route and peak that you set your mind to. You put the desire and we the rest.