Discover our cycling clothing section with the latest in materials and designs. To get on the bike, you will need something more than desire and at HOKO we know it very well. The comfort, support, insulation and confidence that our garments provide you are decisive so that you can achieve all your goals and reach any goal that you set for yourself.

Cycling clothes

What clothes to wear when you ride a bike

What to wear when you ride a bike

If you take cycling seriously, you should have good equipment adapted to your needs. At HOKO we recommend the following cycling clothing .

Culottes and tights

The saddle is one of the critical areas when we cycle, so selecting a good lower part will allow us to spend many hours on the bike without problem. This cycling clothing is totally essential if you want to perform well on long rides.

In our store, we have culottes and jerseys of different lengths and adapted to the weather conditions of summer and winter. This type of garment offers a perfect fit to the athlete's anatomy and compression that protects the muscles . In addition, all models come with a chamois , a very important element to take into account so that your hours pedaling become more comfortable and bearable.

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Cycling clothing. All you need to know

Our cycling clothing is made from polypropylene. This material is excellent for several reasons:

lightness We don't want anything to slow you down, not even clothes. In addition, since they are garments that are well attached to the body, you will gain aerodynamics.

comfort . Spending a long time pedaling can become torture without the correct equipment. With polypropylene, softness and comfort are guaranteed.

Climate adaptation . External agents take their toll on our performance. Opt for breathable garments that insulate and protect from the cold.

BBT and MTB clothing

In general terms, off-road and mountain cycling kits do not differ much from those of conventional discipline. However, it does not hurt to bet on clothes that protect you even more from environmental factors and possible falls. Bet on long-sleeved jerseys , gloves, hats and thermal layers like the ones we offer you at HOKO. Our garments have pockets that allow you to carry drinks and snacks to regain strength at any time.

We are sure that with the cycling clothing that we propose, nothing and no one can stand between you and the top. What are you waiting for to challenge yourself?