Dirt, asphalt or snow, no matter where the road takes you, at HOKO we are ready, are you? If you are looking for ski clothing , in our online store you have the best equipment to beat the cold in adverse climates.

ski clothing

Ski and snow clothing

For skiing or snow sports, you'll need more than just gym clothes . Low temperatures and being in contact with snow require special equipment. Otherwise, not only will we not enjoy these exciting activities, but we can put our health at risk.

Fortunately, at HOKO we have a great selection for you so that neither the cold, nor the sweat, nor the humidity can get you.

Our ski clothing is made with polypropylene , a revolutionary material of excellent quality and with unique characteristics for the sport.

What is the best clothing for skiing in the snow?

As we said, the priority in the snow is to stay dry and warm. In this sense, the first layers are key in ski or snowboard clothing. Among its characteristics, we must highlight that they are breathable and insulating , taking care of maintaining body heat and dry skin.

In addition, as in any other sport, it is essential that you are comfortable and that you have freedom in your movements. So its lightness is another aspect to take into account.

What to wear to ski or snowboard

You have the strength, the courage and the desire, you just need to have the right ski clothing . This is what we have at HOKO.

Thermal T-shirts

HOKO thermal shirts, such as Geisha and Fuyu , are characterized by their good fit and adequate insulation from cold and humidity. In addition, they manage to evacuate sweat and offer comfort at all times.

Thermal tights

Of course, the lower part of the body needs to have the same technical benefits that we have described. For this reason, we have highly elastic tights that will adapt to your body like a second skin and protect it from sweat and low temperatures.

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