As athletes, at HOKO Sport we know the importance of having adequate equipment. For this reason, we have designed our line of fitness clothing for the gym with which you will feel invincible in your workouts. We have all kinds of garments and accessories designed to guarantee you the greatest comfort without neglecting the aesthetic part.

gym fitness clothing

What is special about our clothes for the gym?

Our gym fitness clothing is a great revolution. You already know that we like to always be one step ahead and, precisely, thanks to this we have materials as revolutionary as polypropylene . Thus, we can make garments with surprising characteristics.

Polypropylene provides great softness and prevents chafing . In addition, it is a very breathable and hypoallergenic material, so you will not have to suffer anymore from sweat or bad smell. As you can see, our garments have all the elements to become your great allies, both in the gym and for any other indoor sport, such as kick boxing or body combat .

Types of fitness clothing

Ready to train hard? For sure yes! Although, to do it really well, you must have the most appropriate fitness and gym clothes. Take note!

top parts

Do not miss the wide variety of Tops and t-shirts that we have for you, whether you are a man or a woman: short, long, sleeveless... Functional models, but also with an attractive design so that you can go to the gym with a sports outfit that motivates you.


As for the bottom parts, our compression leggings stand out above all, which are ideal for muscle recovery after exercise. If you have not yet tried this type of fitness clothing for the gym , now is the time to do so. Its comfort, lightness and breathability will win you over.

In addition, we provide you with various options: short, long and pirate leggings.

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What is the best clothes to go to the gym?

At HOKO Sport we believe that sportswear should be designed not only to not interfere, but also to help and facilitate movement at all times. In this sense, it is best to opt for elastic garments that fit the body. In this way, you will gain in comfort and you will be able to be aware, at a glance, if you are performing the movements of your exercise table correctly. Breathability and lightness are other aspects to take into account as well.

Providing you with fitness clothing for the gym that makes things easier for you is one of our greatest satisfactions. And it is that, in HOKO Sport, your triumphs are ours.